The Beginning

IMG_7904 2



My first wedding was about 10 years ago working for a catering company in Arizona. This wedding literally had EVERYTHING a bride/groom could dream of. A Large mansion venue, elephantine flower fixtures, gorgeous view.. awwwwww and her dress (i could die) the works. I remember sitting in the kitchen admiring all of the decoration and thinking “this is what I want”. Soon after the couple did their wedding dance and I just cried my heart out, I couldn’t help myself, it was crazy the emotion I received from their love. (I was like 18/19).

(Getting back to work) we went to cut and serve the cake and when I tell y’all … it was the size of a seated lawn mower I exaggerate you not!! It was literally a cake made into a lawnmower. This was the first Novelty cake I ever touched/saw in person , hell at all really.

Later that night, 4am in the morning 😒 I found myself trying to break down how the cake was made. It was so befuddling to me how it even existed. Sleep came upon me and i didn’t think about it again.

The thing is that clearly it was stored in my mind, the flowers, the love , the cake , the eminence about of happiness that overflowed that wedding… because here I am today. Pouring all of my love into WEDDINGS and CAKES 🎂 . Two of the things I just can’t seem to live without. .

Lastly, I say to my brides/grooms/potential clients. Love comes in all forms. And it typically starts unexpectedly a little like getting engaged 🤗🌸✨


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