Galaxy Water


The New Year has come and everything is changing, starting over & refreshing. New things are beginning and giving all of us a chance to succeed at our best. 2017 felt like I stayed in a retrograde funk.😩 My cup always half empty. And quite frankly…… IM OVER IT! DONE WITH IT & MOVING ON FROM IT! BYE biotch ! 👋🏽

My goals are to say the least, not simple for this year. Yet I know I have so much to gain from staying true to them…..STABILITY in career, in emotions & in physic. .
While universe may have created a path of understanding last year through buckets of tears 😒, it is truly my job & yours, this year to nourish “it” (self). Fill self up with tons of love, happiness & compassion. I call this Galaxy Water.

Try to nourish yourself all damn year. Drink the Galaxy Water folk it’s good for your soul!!!!!!! -J Hubb
. 🍬🍹For instructions on how to actually make this Galactic cocktail for your next event click the linkIMG_7700 🤗✔️ 


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